We have seen students planning about what to do in future, they get confused, they think over again and again. The same is with the parents when they plan their child’s career. Parent’s usually wanted more and does less. In one of our last blog, we said what should be done from the parental level of guidance, and one path has been paved by Goal Institute itself.

 The door of career development in Medical and Engineering is now open, the students who dream to be an IITian one day or a Medical Student someday needs tough preparation and for that the base of each subject needs to be strong. The base is polished in the high school classes like 8th, 9th or 10th. For those students, who dream or aspire for NEET or IIT, their real preparation starts from those classes.

The good NEET OR IIT Preparation needs right guidance, right mentorship and Goal Institute has been doing this from years through its classroom programs. The Goal Classroom Programs even offers scholarship to the students of class 8th, 9th and 10th. For that, Goal Institute opens up GTSE – GOAL TALENT SEARCH EXAMINATION for those students, who will appear in that exams to avail scholarship with gifts and prizes too.

If students and parents come to us why they should make their child sit in the GTSE exam, we just state that,

“Nothing can be achieved in a day, opportunities to those do come, and just you need to catch it up at the right time’.

Don’t lose the right time that has knocked your door, it’s time to join the league of Doctors and Engineers, and plan your bright future   from now.   GTSE 2019 is a right opportunity for your child, without wasting any day register for the test. If your kid holds the ability, the classroom of Goal is waiting for him. 


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