Why do you need to start preparing for NEET early?

We know you must have joined classes, and started your preparation for NEET 2019, but then you are still confused as to how and when the lengthy syllabus of NEET can be easily completed. The proper balance between the subjects, the NCERT solving and also your self-study part needs to be maintained. You cannot just sit and wait for the day when you will be in the hall with thousands of student at a center and the OMR sheet will be given to fill the answers and you will end up circling the wrong ones because the routine that you need to have at this time was inappropriate.

  NEET Preparation doesn’t give you time to relax and complete your preparation easily; you have to plan it well. It’s about your dedication that counts minute to minute and even seconds to seconds. The whole plan should be divided according to the topics to be covered and the time you hold in your hand. We basically bifurcate the time and topics to make it easy for you to start it today.

early neet preparation

 Let’s come to the whole plan and make a sheet out of it.

Altogether the NEET syllabus consists of 97 chapters. Those 97 chapters require your 15 hours per chapter for the whole of the preparation module. Then you have to distribute your 15 hours per chapter to how and when you are going to complete that.

Easily segregating your 15 hours into your revision plan, we can say – the 3 to 4 hours should be concentrated on NCERT, 7 to 8 hours you have your coaching classes and the rest 5 hours for yourself practice which will include 100 problems .In total if we count the nearest 97 to 100, total time you need for whole syllabus is 1500 hours. If we count from this week, you have 40 weeks left and so your plan should be to give 40 hours a week to study. That easily simplifies to 5 to 6 hours daily.


We can say the students who are totally into 5 to 6 hours of daily self study, they are actually preparing or competing, others are just wasting their time. So gear up your time machine and kick your routine according to the plan. Attaching the keynotes from the above discussion-

  • 97 chapters- 15 hours/chapter
  • 3 to 4 hrs – NCert.
  • 7 to 8 hrs- Classes
  • 5 hours- 100 problems practice
  • 15 * 100 = 1500 hours for whole chapters
  • 40 weeks left
  • Week me 40 hours
  • 5 to 6 hours daily


Accumulating all the time together you need stick to it till the end, even you have to make time for your revision, as a whole the plan explained above is enough for your 40 weeks. Neet 2019 is on head and each one of you wants to give your best, even though it’s your first time, second or third, don’t worry if the proper chart is maintained, surely it will give you grand success.

                All the best!


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