’When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it’.

How to achieve what you desire for?

What is your biggest goal ? How do you think about it? How are you going to fulfill it?

There are many people who think of such issues and keep worrying for no reason.

We are sure all these questions must arrive in your minds too and you definitely worry about it.

But you know what, worrying will lead you to nowhere.

Instead if you really, like seriously want that specific aspiration of your life to be fulfilled you must make a plan.

The plan should consist of following:-

1)     Say bye to Procrastination-

Usually this step comes after making study planning, but many will understand when exactly procrastination hit you and affects your complete life cycle. Standing up and making excuses beforehand makes you’re planning full of mess.

 2)     Set Goals-

All right, so after you are done with procrastinating, it is high time to set goals. Segregate it into two parts- Short-term Goals and Long-term goals-

Short-term Goals-  ‘What you going to do for the day?’ This is what you have to plan and execute on the regular basic.

Long-term goals- ‘How much syllabus you need to complete by the end of the month?’ This is what you need to pen down beforehand to meet your regular targets accordingly.

 3)     List all the subjects-

While you are making your short and long term planning’s, don’t forget to constitute all the subjects in your list. Just one subject isn’t going to give you good marks. Thus, making a proper management is extremely essential.

 4) Prioritize your  list-

It is the most important time for you. One small mistake could actually ruin your whole future. The plans that you have made originally must not be forgotten. Executing the planning’s as per the schedule is a must else all of your preparation will already go in vain.

 5)Reserve time for non- academic activities-

Along with the long dedicated hours to your studies, making fun time is also mandatory. If you will keep your minds block for hard core studies all the time, there is high chance that you may become numb and out of the world. A knowledgeable mind along with a smart personality is the perfect combination in order to compete to the world.

We have provided you a really sorted list of things that you might need to do in order to get what you deadly aspire for.
You must have heard about the quote,

“When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”.

We must tell you this really isn’t just a quote but truth. But there is a bit of twist into this.

It really doesn’t happen the way you think it does, like if you want something then the universe doesn’t throws that thing to you, but it forces you to

Sit passionately,

Make a plan or Schedule

Work hard and


Yeah…this is the way things work. The universe creates an ozone that runs behind you and follows you. It keeps on running behind you, wherever you go. With whomsoever you are. There is this one thing that never fades and we may name it as DEDICATION.

Dedication of learning, dedication of getting knowledge, dedication of touching the sky, dedication of becoming that independent successful soul whom everyone get inspired from.

It is a long journey, a very long but you know what Success is never accidental.

Thus to get what you are craving for, you mustwork harder than you did yesterday’.

In the form of dedication, the universe does follows you till the time you are done with the desire you have been dreaming off since always and that too by heart. 

And that’s why it is said, ’When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it’.


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