Things you shouldn't do if preparing for competitive exams

things you should not do

Competition is the key to success, but few times it captures the students more dreadfully. .  When we talk about higher secondary exams or NEET, of course competition is a key to all exams, but the aggression towards such exams should be stopped. In a country like India, competitive exams are the deciding factor of the future of a student. Nowadays, candidate starts preparing well in advance to crack the exams, but in the race to get hold of a good rank they lose track of their own self.

things should not do

Some points that can help you go out of this competitive struggle and perform well,

  1. The Discipline declines -It is said ‘Your level of success is determined by your level of discipline and perseverance”. Success doesn’t happen with the help of a magic wand, you need to be disciplined well with your routine , and this is to make you less on pressure with revisions .Your dedicated time table should be followed in disciplinary way to avoid last moment pressures
  2. Peer Pressure-Yes, the most common and often seen factor for competition is this. Indian parents graph the child on not his or her interests but on the interest of the society, to make their nose high in the community. Under this, a child faces lot of mental stress and finally ends up getting pressurized for the exams. One should remember, the key for good marks is enjoying the study, if you are not enjoying your course and knowledge, you cannot  think of getting good marks.
  3. Distracting Elements –You are often distracted by focusing on other’s preparation and graph. It’s better to focus on yourself and grow in your performance rather than judging yourself on the basis of comparison and other preparation module. Remember, every student has unique mindset and all requires their own ways to study, so you use your way .
  4. Leaving for tomorrow- You find a chapter difficult, you think to do it the other day, is it? Don’ t do this again, this is not going to help you either, never ever try this or repeat this. Your total focus should be on completing things on time  and revising it on time too.

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