The list of DON’TS before the Exams

  We watch students glueing to books, mugging up, scribbling and revising not for the whole year but of course before few months of exam. We don’t say, they are not working hard but the right method of learning is still lacking somewhere. Mistakes are never a part of the problem – ignoring them is. Mistakes and flaws can help you gain considerable insight into your shortcomings. A simple awareness of these things, in particular, can help you improve your performance a lot in the long run.

The first step in keeping blunders at bay is to identify them in precise detail. If you don’t even know your problems well, how do you expect to come to a solution? The same tactic needs to be implemented in your exam preparations to improve your academic performance on the whole.

Hence, we have come up with this article for your reference.

1. Never use short techniques – Its basic for you to go with a good revision process, the big NO is to be used for any short method of learning. You must go for preparing points, underlining important topics, clearing each doubt and understanding the topics you are trying to learn.

2. Don’t go for more hours – Of course, we know you are at high learning stage but that doesn’t mean the routine you prepared should not be followed, you need to take breaks and have some rest too, don’t increase the hours of study or don’t try to skip your sleep.

3. Stay Passant to Pressure – While crossing the dates over the calendar and getting more close to your date sheet, the pressure of scoring well comes with that. There you need your mind to stay calm and not think of marks rather focus on revising to you best.

before exams


4. Ignore the friend’s preparation – We tend to ask our friends what topics they have done and what they are up to, and there we add more to a tense environment. We Get dishearten on hearing that they have completed more or sometimes we get more relaxed on hearing the fewer topics accomplishment. No comparison should be weighed before exams.

5. Not having a PLAN!- One of the biggest mistakes we see students making is that they will sit down and start studying without really knowing what their priorities are, or what they need to focus on in that study session. This might be the biggest mistake of all because it affects all of the others! If you don’t know what grades you need to earn, what material is most important for you to study, or how to study it effectively, chances are good that you will either go into the exam unprepared…OR waste a lot of time reviewing unimportant information

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