The best ways to fill OMR sheets

Our 3 methods to focus upon.

omr sheet

All these methods are slightly different from each other, but they have a common action plan. Fill answers in groups periodically.

Method #1: The Time-Based Approach

The first method you can use.

 time based approach

  • Solve questions for about 30 minutes.
  • Now fill your OMR sheet.
  • Go back to step 1 and repeat until you are done.

Sounds quite simple, but it is extremely efficient.

At various stages of the exam, your OMR sheet is not entirely blank. You do not have to keep it out all the time. And you are aware which section you are working, so the risk of marking Physics in place of Chemistry etc. is minimized. And so I find this method as one of the best ways to fill OMR sheets.

Method #2: The Question-Based Approach

question based approach

For some people, keeping track of time adds to the pressure and anxiety level. If that sounds like you, you can follow the ‘question-based approach’. Here’s how you do it.

  • Solve 10 questions. (You can adjust the number. Just don’t keep it too high or too low)
  • Mark your answers.
  • Go back to step 1 and repeat till you are done.

Once again, we are minimizing the risks of marking the wrong answer or being not able to mark anything at all.

Method #3: The Page-based Approach

page bssed approach

Every question paper has a certain number of pages. What we can do in this method is:

  • Solve every question you can in the first 4 pages. (Again, you can adjust this number)
  • Mark your answers.
  • Now, solve every question you can in the next 4 pages. Mark them in the OMR.
  • Do this till you are done.

All these methods are tested, and they work! So, which one is the best way to fill OMR sheets? The answer is you can pick any one of these. My favourite is the question-based approach, as it works for me the best. 

Once you settle down on a method, you need to practice to see the benefits.You will get faster and more accurate.

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