Success is awaiting you on doors for NEET exams

Success is awaiting you on doors

For NEET 2019  and AIIMS 2019, it was one of the most memorable years for all the Goalites. The sweat hasn’t been wasted for many. 53 students qualified in AIIMS- 2019 and 9 students in JIPMER. It was a terrific year for many students and their families, as getting the AIIMS and JIMPER clear is a big victory.

The students who for whatsoever reason couldn’t qualify in NEET and AIIMS exam this year need to become a little more confident and strong willed.

They always say, “Every day is a second chance”. You must believe in it. And work accordingly.

Let’s not slide it into a messy psychological blog, but a proper way out of trouble that you wished you might have got earlier.

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 A) Plan for a Day

This time you need to be more careful for every detail. Make sure you don’t over-plan but take baby step every day. Plan for a Day, and be very consistent. Everything will come at place once you are regular in your efforts.

B) Choose specific books

You need not buy all the books in the world as you won’t be having time to read it all. Go through NCERT books and one or two more reference books for a little more detailing.

C)Focus on concepts

This time don’t waste your time at all but focus on clearing you fundamentals first because that could have been a big reason for the loss last time.

D)Keep questioning

Don’t hesitate! If there is anything that you don’t feel sure about or had problems in previous year, ASK. Ask from your mentor or senior. Ask from your friends. Ask from anyone who can help you, because that one thing can let you down for the second time too.

E)Mock tests

Yet another way of clearing your doubts is mock tests. Testing yourself is the first step to victory. This will fix your timing as well as speed, the big or small mistakes or the fault that you couldn’t recognize you were making.

F)Revise, Again and Again

What you are going through is a marathon, not a 100 meter dash. Thus, revising it is not just a task, but a mandatory step. To move ahead, you need to stick tight to your knowledge.

G)Stay inspired

Read articles/papers/blogs/books by famous doctors. Learn how they have reached where they are. Know their story; acquire each and every thing that is required.

 H)Pamper yourself

You remember that you are doing this all for yourself, right? Then, keep doing, do much more things for your betterment. Take yourself out, eat good, drink lots of water and yea work hard.

There are certain books or references that you need to pay more attention to in order to crack the. The basic source of reference can be previous years' solved papers.

Each student has a different way of preparing, but certain steps can be beneficial for one and all.

We know you have put a lot of hard work behind all of this. But you need to realize that sometime it needs a bit more of time to get the best of all. It depends on you if you take it as a bad experience or a good learning.

Become a bit more optimistic because better days are right here, from now on, because it all starts from our minds.  

The only person who can bring you success is you.

Don’t ever forget what some extremely wise people said,

 "Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm."-- Winston Churchill


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