Quit Exam Stress for Performing Well

     Nowadays every student has this overrated term associated with student’s life. I wonder the days of 80’s and 90’s and students of that era. Didn’t they find any stress like today. Is education this much stressed nowadays. No, it's not like that. Instead, nowadays, education, getting knowledge is much more easier than earlier times. it's very simple than those days when you don’t have any great platform to put up your questions or to be in the debate.

Quit exam pressure

The World today has just increased itself in the terms of competition and that what you have to compete always and each day with your own level, and that’s changed to stress. You have to cope up with revision and feel free from school or family. It might take you in a closed basket filled with anxiety and stress that what if you won’t pass or what if you don’t get good grades but working on every symptom of your stress we have bits of advice and tips to cope up with these overrated terms stress.

1. Plan your study and develop it to a neat level each day:- Don’t sit for I’ll study as much as possible and hope for the best. Ask yourself how can you build a bridge without a plan. Would you just begin the Construction and hope for the best. Aah !! I doubt it ! Similarl,y it’s important to draw an outline or plan a strategy for an exam. Some basic questions to ask yourself:

(i) Time of your study.

(ii) No. of hours/week to block for study.

(iii) Topics still waiting to get clarified.

(iv) Which assignments to review.

(v) No. of practice/modal papers to finish.

(vi) No. of reviews needed for your notes and text ,book readings.

(vii) Type of destruction. Don’t let the saying work,“Failing to plan is planning to fail”. So, Plan for every exam you face.


 2. Schedule your sleep for at least one week before the exam:- Let your body adjust with your sleep and awake timings to take your mind in an optimal state.Take at least eight hours of sleep each night.

schedule your sleep

3. Don’t try to be a game changer through last-minute study:- Playing through last-minute study may provide you psychological comfort but overall it harms more than good. That last minute can make you more stress and anxious about the preparation you had earlier. You either know the respective information or you don’t. Instead make use of time before the start of exam to relax. Visualize yourself with all answers correct and take your mind in the state of peace and confidence.

Game Changer


4. Make your focus towards the solution and away from the outcome:- Always remember the lines. Do your work honestly and don’t worry for the result.“ “So, take the shot the same way you’ve taken it thousands of times before in practice.Thinking about “I must ace this exam”. You’ve probably not going to use it.Want to ace your exam concentrate on staying calm, think about each question carefully and analyze it.


5. Make use of exam-taking tools:-

(i) Be familiar with the structure of question paper :(a) No. of sections.(b) No. of marks/section.(c) No. of questions/section.

(ii) Practice with stopwatch.

(iii) Look through the whole question paper in the beginning and analyze yourself.

(iv) Know your spending time limit to each question.

(v) Stuck anywhere …… just move on.

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