Quick tips for the preparation of NEET

We know you are getting more tensed as the exam is on the peak and you have just last days in counting to make you more attentive and stick to your preparations but then, it becomes necessary to tell you how you need to shape your last days preparation in a positive way.


GTSE 2018

1. Solve Test Papers - speed and accuracy are the A- lined highlighted for every preparation exercise. How much time you take and how well you perform is checked by your own tests and test papers that you need to solve every day. This will build your timeliness and accuracy in solving question papers.

2.  Focus on Biology -  Biology needs more learning capacity and focus towards important points , that can be done through marking terms, definitions . The last 15 days needs simplified and weighed revision on genetics, ecology, plant physiology and human physiology.

    3.  Chemistry should not be ignored - Inorganic needs revision from ncert books and even concentrating on the notes given in class. 
   Solve the doubts from the previous question papers and repeat it again and again. Even physical chemistry needs more test papers
   solving along with revising formulae .
    4. Formulae are your hand tool for physics - Thermodynamics is the most important and marking zone along with optics and modern
   physics. You should be more focussed on remembering formulae with daily test papers and test series to be solved.
   Along with these above practises , the major thing is staying healthy mentally and physically. For that, meditation , good food habits
   must be followed.


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