Preparation strategy of physics for NEET 2019


Physics is a subject that is not so friendly with you and still will be your companion. Because neglecting physics can never make you score good in NEET 2019. In just few last months left for your final countdown to end, all you need is to compile well with your physics preparation for NEET 2019.  Physics plays a very vital space in scoring high or you can say make you get the top colleges even. Physics hold a good tenure of marks when calculating the mark distribution of NEET 2019.  You want to be at the top college, but what actually are you doing for it? Just planning or working for it?


Judging the student’s performance from years, Goal Institute has checked that physics have always scored the least, comparing to the other two subjects. Though the performance during tests is fine, but the graph of final NEET exam goes less, all because they don’t hold on to the preparation. Some regular tips to work on has been attached below, just check out what you miss and get over it soon.


NEET 2019 Physics Preparation Tips

Physics, for any exam, NEET or any other exams holds a strong base and for that a student has to be best with fundamentals. It needs one to be able to visualize the various processes. The application skills along with problem-solving abilities can get better once you have a clear concept of the basics. So, you have to study with patience keeping this in mind.


1. Concept needs to be clear-

 Concept is never a part that you can go on reading it and get into it. Concept is all that is to be understood and that sticks to your brain forever. Physics is a subject of concepts; one who is good with concept is likely to know physics better.  Once you clearly see each concept for what it is all about, you will be ready for the next step. For that read and understand well, listen to your mentors at Goal Institute, even ask them what tints you a bit.


2. Play well with formulas

Naah, no option to skip this. Physics is standing on the base of Formulas and all you need to do is to get friendly with each of it. For that, learning formulae, working on it, using them with numerical, problem solving time to time .This is the arrow that is going to hit your preparation scale positively. But you should be careful what the meaning of those formulae is.


3. Solve Numerical

Physics is known for numerical, the more you get into numerical solving, the more you get good with physics. Your numerical gets better when you solve it more. Every chapter has varieties of numerical; you should not get confused with each content. We have seen students having a good concept, even understanding the question but when it comes to numerical solving, they tend to end up in mid getting irritated, that is because they haven’t practiced well.

4. Exams are your well wisher

For good scores, giving exams are most important. You need to be regular with the test, Goal Institute conducts. Tests are an important part of the graph of improvement during your NEET 2019 PREPARATION PERIOD. Better you don’t skip tests, because they will help you to know how much time you take to solve one question. What is your command over various topics of Physics?

5. Time management

You have 180 minutes to answer 180 questions, but not necessarily 1 minute per question because each question carries a different difficulty level. Use Goal Institute Practice Tests to be regular with your preparation and know what time you can balance per question.


Cheer up students, Goal Institute is standing behind to help you whenever you feel low during your preparation time. Best Wishes, do well!


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