Preparation Strategy of Mathematics for JEE 2019

Numbers, formulae, calculations are all tangling in each other; they are holding the furious award from years for making students afraid. Students tend to feel afraid before opening the book of this subject. The basic chapters to heavy solutions make them confuse but this subject is the baseline for engineering studies.

Success is where preparation and opportunity meet”, as rightly said by Bobby Unser and that should be adapted by JEE Main Aspirants .Mathematics , is always your important task of the routine .Right preparation with good timing to each topics is all that is making you achieve .. Mathematics is the most scoring of all the three subjects being asked in the JEE Main 2019 exam. It is a subject that is based on calculations and formulae.



The syllabus already given to you for JEE Main is vast than the syllabus of +2 level though both have same topics. Vast is the syllabus but your preparation should not be slow enough, for that all you need is to go with the guidelines and tips for JEE Main Preparation 2019. The JEE Main Preparation tips will help you guide well with how you should plan your routine and what focus should be given to some particular chapters.

Total Number of Questions-

Physics – 30

Chemistry – 30

Mathematics – 30


In which here we will brief the mathematics course, what topics are included which are going to brush up your entire syllabus.

  1. 3-D Geometry- Under which we can have the bifurcation of the containing sub topics-

Applications of Derivative, Inverse Trigonometric Functions and Logarithms

  1. Probability and Statistics- This sector of topic has other three important, and brush up topics simultaneously - Limit and Continuity, Circles and Family of Circles and Quadratic Equations
  2. Vector Algebra-  The topic that contains much of your concentration with topics like- Matrices and Determinants, Sequence and Series and Theory of Equations
  3.  Integration- Integration the topics under this chapter- Straight Lines and Pair of Straight Lines, Inverse Trigonometric Functions and Sets, Relations and Functions
  4. Complex Numbers- The chapter which holds one single topic inside , which you have studied in 11th and 12th but brushing up is necessary- Differentiation
  5. Parabola – One topic, under which you have some complex chapter  which requires you good attention i.e., Permutation and Combination
  6. Trigonometric Ratios - Binomial Theorem is under this chapter which is needed to get brushed up with good revision.


Un-box your topics, plan your routine and go with the preparation. The stair is very important to important and then brushing up topics. We are sure when your week time is fixed with what calculations you are going to do for a day. You will definitely score best in JEE Main 2019.


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