Preparation strategy of chemistry for NEET 2019

Chemistry is a subject doing all the chemical lochas in the brain of the student, the number of chemical reactions in book highly increases the negative and confusing reactions in a student’s mind. Heavy dosage of element in the reaction, and you go like, how can I remember this? When NEET is your focus, the more chemical ecology makes you more tensed. Stay cool and give few minutes to this blog, this might help you relax and study within these few months for  NEET 2019 exams. 

Lot more are the chapters and their classification from organic to physical and then inorganic as an add on. You need to give your proportional time to all the three categories. But, which one is the weakest needs more of your concentration. NEET UG needs proper concentration for a student to score good marks in the same. Candidates preparing for NEET 2019 should be well prepared with each topics of chemistry.

The NEET Chemistry section contains 45 questions mounting to a total of 180 marks. It is essential that candidates obtain a good score in NEET Chemistry section, in order to secure a good rank in the NEET UG examination.


NCERT book and syllabus, the core tool for NEET preparation, the whole questions are based on this specific book.  The key role is to get familiar with every topic, shake palms with each jargons and terms of chemistry and make mind the store house of chemical reactions too. For being consistent with above mentioned factors, it’s important to practice chemistry on a daily routine. Some tips to make Chemistry preparation for NEET 2019 could be helpful for you-


 Day to day Practice-

‘Nothing could be achieved when it’s not in the routine ‘.  Because when you seek for something you have to pay for it daily, that’s how your handwork pays off. Be it the equations, numerical from thermodynamics/solutions or organic practice; practicing daily is the only key to be able to process it all.


Mock tests form the base-

Online NEET 2019 exams are going to be your gear for practice. You should always indulge in giving more number of tests to check your preparation and know how much is more to be done Sitting at home cannot make you know what exam fear is, and how you are going to face it on the final day, for that mock tests plays a role to make you aware about real timing, and your timing to particular question. Taking up mock tests will help aspirants to be the best judge of them and also help in building their confidence.


Prepare, Practice – Repeat-

The more you gain knowledge, the more you lose it. That’s how the memory system of human beings works time to time. But to keep the things stored inside, the major part is to revise time to time. You are preparing, you are practicing and then you need to revise it, and then see how your memory expands. . Schedule revisions after each topic have been dealt with. Aspirants in Class 12 should continuously keep revising the syllabus of Class 11 to ensure that every topic is still fresh in mind.


So, now go and change some of your routine with the things we told you above. Of course they are going to help you. Goal Institute as a NEET preparation Institute has been making these routine to be followed by its fellow students. The regular practice and tests are all that is going to make them prepare for the worst phase even. You too make this your well routine. All the best!


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