Preparation strategy of Biology for NEET 2019

 With every result that has made you happy or sad, your future remains unturned. Then, it’s time to decide what is next and how. When your plans are for NEET 2019, and you are calmly counting the months, let me tell you, the time will end up soon and you will be left with no bonus in your fist. Time is going fly for students and in no time the competitive exams will be underway. It has to be a strategically planned study throughout these months.

When you are focusing on Biology, then 300+ should be your aim. Is it really possible to score above 300 out of 360, this is the main question? 

score 300+ in biology in neet exam


Having closely monitored the exam patterns in previous years and students’ approach to the subject, we can say with confidence that it can be done. But what are the key things you need to do if you want to achieve that number?


  1. Know the important chapters
  • Refer to the NCERT book
  • Take mock tests
  • Solve previous year papers
  • Revise thoroughly


Know the important chapters

You need to make yourself aware of the NEET important chapters and be stick to thorough reading. Check yourself to identify your weak concepts through the personalized analysis. Keep practicing those weak concepts until you have a strong command over them.


Refer to the NCERT book

Your friend during preparation schedule is your NCERT Book. It provides a thorough explanation of even the most basic of concepts. Most questions in previous years were based on the NCERT book or closely related to their content, if not directly.


Take mock tests

After thoroughly brushing up on the entire syllabi of Biology, you must attempt NEET mock tests that you can take up at different stages during your preparations as it will help you evaluate your preparation level and improve your score.


Solve previous year papers

Solve NEET previous year papers to get a clear understanding and to ease yourself into the exam pattern. Focus on the frequently asked questions, topics and chapters. This is one of the best and most effective ways to prepare for an exam.


Revise thoroughly

Studying is not enough. You need to keep revising and keep practicing. Make it a point to practice NEET questions to improve your understanding of concepts. To remember formulas better, make flashcards of the same.

 preparation strategy of biology for neet exam

Some strategically planning is essential while you are preparing for NEET 2019, some points that help in preparing a better module and then stick to it for months till the end.

  • Exam-taking strategy

Goal  Institute has always made it a point to tell you whether you are answering each question within the ideal time or over time, how many wasted attempts you commit, whether from lack of knowledge or carelessness and help identify your weak concepts so you can keep practicing them to improve your score.


  • Time management

You have a total of 180 minutes to answer 180 questions for the entire paper, but not necessarily 1 minute per question because each question carries a different difficulty level. The Goal test series and online test modules will make you able to time yourself better as you attempt each question.


  • Question selection

Each question carries 4 marks and 1 negative marking. Keeping this in mind, question selection is crucial. Attempt your strongest concepts first and leave the ones that will take a longer time to complete later.


  • Choose the right guidance


We know what a child wants and what they demand, so keeping that in mind we have made a good sequence of questions, materials and our classes are linked in order to be friendly and supportive for the students. Goal Institute has built up an environment to grow and nurture in right roots and study well and prepare well. Hope you choose your part rightly and walk on that.

!!!... All the best ...!!!!


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