Practicing mock test is just another mandatory step after studying for NEET 2019.

“Practice isn’t the thing you do once you’re good. It’s the thing you do that makes you good ~ Malcolm Gladwell “


 Practicing mock test is just another mandatory step after studying for NEET 2019. It is definitely a very important part of your preparation for the NEET EXAM as it helps you find your strengths and weaknesses out. The mock test help students revise the full syllabus in the simulated setting of the actual NEET EXAM.

There are certain benefits of giving mock test as a final preparation for NEET EXAM 2019. Listing them as-

1)     Mock tests are the only way of getting assured of what you have learned for NEET EXAM, which ultimately helps in performing well on the final day.

2)     Mock tests help in providing the required practice.

3)     Mock tests help you cover the entire syllabus.

4)     Mock tests clear the doubts beforehand.

5) Mock tests make you aware of the important topics that you have missed.

Practicing Mock test, based on NEET exam forms an essential part of your preparation as it shows as well as guides you on how much more preparation you need to do, what topics you need to revise again and how to ignore silly mistakes in the paper.

Ideally, a student must get his concepts ready. Especially when one is attending such a crucial paper like NEET exam, a little mistake can cost a lot.

And in order to clear the concept of NEET exam 2019, the only thing that shouldn’t be missed is Practice.

For this practising properly is the only way out of cracking NEET exam.

‘A little too delay can cause you a little to pain’ applies even in the case of mock tests.

And it has been found out that mock tests are the best way of practicing before exams, every student must choose it. Mock tests genuinely stimulate your feelings as if you are giving real exam. The same pressure is felt and this is the only reason of why one should opt mock tests. It also evolves your inner confidence which ultimately boosts your self- assurance in the main NEET exams. ‘Don’t Practice until you get it Right, Practice until you can’t get it wrong.’

There are certain factors that get stimulated via Mock test. They are –

  a) Identifying your weak areas-  Tedious calculations can often get you wrong and the Tricky questions are surely going to twist your mind, thus increasing the chances of making a mistake. Choosing the right test series with the exact pattern of NEET exam can really make a lot of difference.

b)Helps in doing right kind of Practice- The forever key to success is Practice. The mock tests before NEET 2019 are the best way of doing well in the exam. Solving the appropriately graded level questions is what matters the most.

c)Timing is the whole thing- Okay! Everyone knows the NEET exams are of 3 hours. Each question requires certain amount of attention to think, to understand the right concept, do proper calculations and then finally arrive at the final correct answer. Sometimes, this limitation gets it all wrong. When someone asks about the NEET preparation tips, time management is the crucial point. Thus, time organization is very fundamental. Online mock tests could really help in cracking NEET exams.

After the NEET preparations, Mock test series have this thing of offering multiple chances of improving your scores and performance in order to give the best in the final NEET exams. You can keep giving the mock tests again and again, until you actually make it right or are enough satisfied. These tests top the list of NEET preparation tips. Mock tests even give your actual score along with the percentile, which get you in touch with your relative position in NEET exam among all the other takers of mock tests around the country. 

Each test increases your position, is the necessity for your own self-growth. This growth will help you become enough confident when you give the NEET exam 2019.



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