NTA to conduct NEET and JEE Exams, 6 things students should know

Till date, CBSE was centralized to conduct your major goals NEET and JEE exams. But the last week made an announcement by our Union Minister for Human Resource Development, Prakash Javadekar changed the dates and the organization under which these exams will be conducted. From 2019, you are going to sit these exams twice a year though there are few things to into concern as well as necessary for you to know.


1) Students will now have two shots each at cracking JEE and NEET exams. JEE Mains for entrance into the IITs will be held twice, and the same goes for NEET. The best of both scores will be accepted as the candidate’s final result. Also, it isn’t mandatory for students to write both. They can choose either one.

 NTA to conduct NEET and JEE, things students should know

2) Submission of online forms for JEE will begin on September 1 and go on till September 30. Examinations, meanwhile, will be held between January 6, 2019, and January 20 across eight different settings, of which candidates can choose one. Results for the same will be declared in the first week of February.

The submission for online application forms for the second phases of JEE Mains will begin from the second week of February 2019. The exams are expected to be held between April 7, 2019, and April 21, 2019, the same eight different settings as usual. Final results will be out in the first week of May 2019.


3) NEET Online form Submission will start from October 1 to October. January 3 ,2019, to January 17, 2019, are the expected dates for the exams, across eight different settings. Candidates can once again choose when to appear among these dates. Results will be out in the first week of March 2019.

And for the second exam, the online forms will come from May; candidates can submit online application forms from the second week of May 2019. Examinations for the same will be held from May 12 to May 26, 2019, once again across different settings. Results will be out in the first week of June.


Though these dates are just the expected dates, it’s the final decision of NTA to change the dates or announce them officially.

4) The above-mentioned exams, i.e. the two-phase of NEET and JEE exams will be conducted online. To secure the examination purpose and avoid any kind of malpractices, this online exam has been designed with the use of highly secured IT software and encryption to ensure delivery of tests just in time.


5) National Testing Agency (NTA) will be conducting these exams, except the JEE Advanced exam, which the IITs will continue to host. The NTA is an autonomous and self-sustained premier testing organization to conduct entrance examinations for higher educational institutions in India. And NTA is not going to change the syllabus and pattern of the exam that has been conducted presently.

6) No change in the pattern and languages been included in both the exams, NTA will purely follow the previous patterns and student will not face any kind of difficulties in the question paper. Even there is no increment in the examination fee.


 Plan your study from now, you are going to get two chances, but don’t take it granted because your each performance counts. All the best, keep preparing!


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