Lions Club awarded meritorious Students of Goal Institute

With many years of dedication in the medical field, our students have always made us proud. We have bunch of children from lower middle class and humble background, who have qualified exams and are now leading towards becoming a doctor.Goal Institute feels glad enough turning as a medical preparation Institute with best results. We have made few faces more brighten with the scholarships they were provided, we knew the problems and had reached them to the deepest of it. Goal Institute a renowned name in the field of Medical Entrance Exam in Bihar and Jharkhand is proud to announce that LIONS CLUB under its prestigious students scholarship program under the Lions India Education Promotion Council has selected 3 meritorious students Goal Students who have successfully qualified for medical college in India. Raju Kumar, Mamta Kumari and Sunil Kumar comes from varied family backgrounds but has one thing similar that is the financial condition of their families are not that sound enough.

 lions club award


Watching their merit towards studies , the three were rewarded with scholarship from LIONS CLUB at Kalidas Rangalaya, Gandhi Maidan , PatnaSunil Kumar , a Medical Student from Aligarh Muslim University was delighted enough and shared his journey of struggle . Along with that Raju Kumar who is now studying in NMCH, was a student from Goal InstituteKankarbagh, Patna who later passed the Challenger Exam and did his last months studies from Goal EDUCATION Village, he shared about the idea of Record book he learnt from his mentors of the Institute. Mamta Kumari A PMCH Student from Bhagalpur, Bihar received scholarship from Lion's Club for her prior education. A daughter of a Mechanic , who even availed scholarship during preparation from Goal Institute speaks out her experience during preparation. The Scholarship event brought satisfaction of the three faces along with their respective parents who were thankful to the institute , but we owe to the spirit of the students that had been created by the parents itself.

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