Is there any difference in NTA NEET?

30TH November 2018 was the last date to fill the form of NEET 2019, but if you missed it by any chance, Relax!!! Good news is shouting over.

The date has been extended.The students who are still left to fill the forms have a good news .The date has been stretched to 7th of December 2018. You all have filled the forms of NEET 2019 Exams. This time the forms were available on other site.

 Fill up the Application Form by clicking this link :



 Buzz!! Buzz!! Buzz!!!

We had an air from many years that NTA will take over the CBSE conducted entrance exams and under that NEET was also included.

2019 got this air stick for a change in making NTA adopt the Entrance exams . But there will not be much of change in the exam pattern. NTA is conducting NEET just to lessen the burden that CBSE hold of conducting more of exams every year. NTA has been created to have standardized exam so that there is no variation of difficulty levels of the exam across different papers, days and slots.

The syllabus is likely to remain the same. But, still you must take your eyes here:

However, candidates have made their mind to face any kind of challenges. It’s better to have proper knowledge of all the concepts and topics in the syllabus from the NCERT books and even the other books of advanced level. Candidates should be active or in the search of the sessions of NEET preparation institute in Patna/Ranchi or wherever they reside.

Practice questions should be attentively solved and even the solutions should have the detailed understanding of how to solve even the most difficult questions. And, this should be done with complete discipline and accuracy at the best institute for NEET preparation. Then, you have to add on for the end practice with the mock tests and work on the chapters, concepts, and topics you got wrong or were unable to answer that will be available in the best coaching for NEET.

Do not panic because NEET is your same old school friend, it hasn’t changed. If you are a dropper, you need not to worry the last year pattern is going to repeat. If this is your first chance, go hail it as you have already been guided in your NEET preparation institute and test about the syllabus and pattern. Your seniors can guide you, who took over the cbse neet last year, because the syllabus and pattern existing are similar.

“You are going to be the saviour of millions of life. Thus, it is important to make sure that you don’t surrender nowsothat you will never give up on one’s life.”


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