If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

Forms have been filled with all the hurry up reminders and routine. Then Goal Institute guide you to revise in this last months of IIT JEE or NEET preparation. Tests are also to be your regular list of routine but ‘WAIT’.  Before you pop up with revisions or completing your whole syllabus, do add these things in your reminder list. 

                                        ‘The secret to swim deep is to first jump into the water ’

So, revision should be your vital act now. You are already into completing syllabus but as you are moving forward, you are forgetting your old chapters, Isn’t it??

Confused enough how to handle your memory at this point of time, new chapters + revision, everything is now preparing a pudding inside your head. The old chapters are tough to recognize and the new one has to be completed on time, this is basic tension you are having. Don’t panic!!!

Remember, PANIC is our great enemy!


It is already been said that if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. The topics that you have to complete should be kept in mind along with the topics to done in a single day and at the end of your daily study, create a note in brain, whether you fulfilled the goals of the day. Besides that, find out the reasons for any deviation and take remedial measures for any distraction or diversion.

Understanding grades more than memorizing:

 You may work hard to mug up the equations, formulas or definition but instead understanding the concept stands upwards. Memorizing concepts and problem solving methods do not help you in wrong run. Since the questions are not repeated every year, you cannot move ahead by memorizing solutions to specific problems. Do it the topper way and understand more than you memorize. Understanding the way is easy to keep that in mind and so the confusion in your head will not prosper any way.

Test series with regularity:

It’s tough to maintain balance with so many topics with so much to study, test series are best way to cope with this problem. You can join Goal Institute’s test series based on different topics to make your that specific topic preparation complete. Time to time testing yourself is going to clear all your doubts on your preparation module.

http://goalinstitute.org/sub_page_details.php?mmenu=blog&smenu=why-do-you-need-to-start-preparing-for-neet-early&s_menu_id=127&menu_id=17 , this blog can help you bifurcate the time you plan for your NEET preparation.

Get associated with revising:

Undoubtedly this is your basic and vital part, not your last minute revision but throughout the time of preparation. You can easily forget concepts if you don’t put them into work. Even these guidelines are given to you by your mentors at Goal Institute, best NEET preparation institute in Patna/Ranchi.

Last months’ preparation:

The final months’ of your IIT JEE or Neet preparation is all that counts. You need to analyze where you stand in your preparation race, and make a final four or three month plan to sum up your IIT JEE or Neet preparation well. We have helped you to schedule your last month’s preparation, http://goalinstitute.org/sub_page_details.php?mmenu=blog&smenu=3-months-preparation-tips-for-neet-2018&s_menu_id=79&menu_id=17


 This is your day to prove that your effort of the whole year wasn’t vain, for that you need to curve at right direction and make your efforts count. Because, Mahatma Gandhi once said, ‘Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory’.


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