How to start IIT JEE preparation after board exams

 10th Exams are over and you are still mopping around the after-effects of exams. We had a talk with few students and with the years of student’s counselling we have seen a huge percentage for students getting attracted towards JEE preparations. But then, it’s a big question, is it for you and if yes, then how to do it after 10th

It’s not that you require being a very bright student for JEE preparations but yes, you need to be hardworking and sincere. Before that, you need to be more interested towards technology ethics and your mind thinks towards creation and you love those advancements. Right after 10th-grade exams, students aspiring for JEE Main and Advanced should start preparing from now. Even though your 10th-grade marks are really important, they ultimately will be just used as your age proof. For IIT JEE, you have to be an analyzer than just a mugging up parrot. You may be a topper or an average scorer at school, but what matters for JEE is that your conceptual clarity needs to be good. JEE is not just for the extraordinarily talented or intelligent students. It is for everyone who dreams to make it big. Stay motivated, dedicated and patient during your preparation.

iit jee preparation


Syllabus for JEE is vast with not one single handbook for help. While you have been competing with a batch of 200 students at the school, JEE is about lakhs of students aiming for a handful of seats. Experts give you an insight to prepare for the upcoming JEE. So you should be friendlier with the books and follow that.

Your preparation should be jerked in this way –

-          Not a bulk of study materials is going to help you. You should be way more focused on a selective study material and refer to right books, not too many books. Don’t waste your time running behind various study materials.

-          Plan a timetable and prepare your strategy. The focus with a full mind for 6 to 7 months is sufficient to complete the syllabus, provided that you are dedicated and sincere. The last few months can be crucial. Focus on weaker subjects and revise the stronger ones.

-          You should be more tilted towards concept building and creating your own notes. Identifying the right topics and keep practising. Prepare a detailed list of vital formulae in every single chapter.

Of course the above steps in the two year plan after 10th will help, but then you need guidance and a mentor to make your syllabus finished and cleared. Then you should look for the best classes online or offline to mentor you the best. In the offline medium of taking classes for the foundation batch, you need to choose the traditional method of learning.

Goal Institute has come with foundation and target batches for JEE classes to make students ponder best results in a good environment.

- We are centralized towards maintaining timeliness i.e. completing the syllabus on time.

- Gives personalized suggestions on how to improve your exam-taking strategy, time management skills, and question selection skills

If you are planning for JEE preparation after 10th, stretch your arms , pack your bag and take a way to Goal Institute, we will not disappoint you from the efforts we give from our side, just you need to be attentive and sincere while your preparation.

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