How to Motivate yourself during Exam?

Motivation”, not just a word but a bulk of good moments stored inside. You can stay sad for the whole day just because you want to, but once you make yourself ready to smile, of course, you are going to smile for long. What is needed is the motivation to hold you and say” you can do it”.

When preparing for competitive exams, the full year needs dedication, efforts, and a positive attitude to make things possible. We have seen students getting fed up, losing patience, and then ending up to failure. It’s tough to stay motivated for the whole of the year and concentrate on yourself and your preparation.

Some tips that are really going to help you out in staying refreshed and motivated –

 how to keep motivate during exam

  1. Stop getting negative thoughts- You might think I can do it, or I cannot even cross the bridge, there are many thoughts prevailing while you are preparing for the whole year. But just one important task you need to do is to think less and start working more.  You cannot ignore the coming tough days, but you can hold your confidence and stay firm to face that. When we are talking about competition, the first step is to end up thinking “if or but”, just get ready and gear up your routine and let the wheels run smoothly with time.
  2. Never skip giving time to your hobby- Students think they need to forget their hobbies and then only they can plan their studies. But we never recommend children to do so. Hobbies are the part of your enjoyment, interest and that makes you happy, some one hour a day can be given to your any kind of hob. That will make you boost up and energize your mood, after that one hour you can get back to your studies.
  3. Plan your routine - For having everything positive, all you need is to manage time. Without the right time management, nothing could be achieved. So, without delay go and plan your routine and stick to it till the end, certainly you won’t be getting time to get negative thoughts or feel demotivated. Knowledge is the best thing you are going to gain within your fixed timetable.
  4. Stop comparing to others- The worst part is the comparison you do it or someone else does, the thing is same- you end up getting depressed and stressed. Never ever compare yourself with someone else, the other one might take 2 hours to learn and you might need 4 instead, both have variant caliber, so stop balancing each other on the same scale.
  5. Take proper sleep- Sleeping for proper time is essential for good health and mind. You need to take a good nap for 7-8 hours daily to stay healthy, and that will help you to concentrate for the whole day. Don’t indulge yourselves in heard study routine skipping sleep that is never going to help you in any way.

Just go and get a big smile on your face, think nothing is impossible and start it now! We are there to guide you every way. All the best.

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