How can Average students crack NEET AIIMS and JIPMER Exams?

You dream or aspire to be a doctor one day, for that cracking the competitive exams like NEET, AIIMS and JIPMER is the foremost step. Many times we hear students feeling low on their capabilities and switch their path because they are average scoring students and NEET or any other Medical Exams is above their limit. But pause for a minute, the thought you have is wrong.

Yes dear students, Clearing NEET, AIIMS or JIPMER is not difficult, all you need to trust us and yourself. The sincere efforts and best guidance can make you win; just choose your right step during preparation.

Remember- You have the caliber. You can crack NEET; you can crack JIPMER and AIIMS too.

Students are too afraid by the name of competitive exams, but you should know, there are always a thousand students cracking these exams, and you can be one of them. You might not have done wonders in life yet, but if you wish you can, we bet the wonder is no less a dream. 

NEET, AIIMS and JIPMER, the three main exams for MBBS admissions. NEET holds the maximum reach of seats and most of the colleges are under this exam while AIIMS AND JIPMER include the renowned medical colleges for pursuing MBBS.

How can Average students crack NEET AIIMS and JIPMER Exams?

Before starting the preparation for NEET (it covers 90% preparation of AIIMS and JIPMER), or during the preparation, many aspirants feel that they are average students lagging behind others and start doubting their capabilities to clear the exams. This is because of the confusion they hold for the syllabus and unclear topics. For that the guidance and understanding syllabus is essential.


Few points to focus on these three exams and be an achiever -

  • Never ever let your moral down watching other students, you can do it only if you work hard and that effort is all yours.
  • Arrange the routine and set your targets, not just setting, do efforts to achieve them.
  • You may do lot of mistakes, you might need more effort than the second student next to you, but that doesn’t mean you should stop working hard.
  • Strengthen the concepts that help in gaining confidence. Start by solving problems that are not very deep. Focus on speed and accuracy.
  • Do a lot of practice. Make problem-solving a habit. With time you’ll be able to find a solution quicker, in fewer steps.
  • The worst part is a comparison, and never compare yourself and your routine with others but then there’s always a need for improvement and that should be taken positively.
  • You should be more regular in giving tests, mock tests, solving questions because that generates confidence and even checks your preparation.
  • You need to choose a mentor that understands your level of understanding and teaches you more deep and thoroughly.


We are there to motivate you and show you path, just trust yourself and your efforts. You will surely shine with your aim.


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