360 Days Chart Give A New Start

Altogether we are here with all our New Year plans, different people, unique goals, and unique plans respectively. We are confused under what to choose and what to reject. The one week has already passed to make you realize that 2018 is to be changed with 2019 in the dates and then your own world of studies will make you more alert because the dates of exams are reaching you sooner.


 The various groups of students have variety of New Year strict plans add to their routine, let’s figure out which is your category and what could be best for you.


  • 12th Appearing with NEET or JEE


Your first 2 months are going to be your exact struggle, mental and physical both. You have to handle your routine and hard work smartly without any hindrance of pressure hitting you any way. 12th boards along with the pressure of clearing exams is certainly a mind throbbing job but it is not impossible, you can score good marks in your first appearing exam along with boards too. 2019 should be framed well for next few months for your revision. The first two months is dedicated to your 12th exams, the subject wise study along with mock tests. But the rest mode is not on after boards, you need to gear up for your last preparation for Neet 2019. The students who have filled the JEE first exam, has to synchronize between their boards and JEE Mains too.

The syllabus is bit lengthy for JEE Mains but the 12th  portion could be easily covered when you are preparing for boards , rest you can focus on 11th syllabus from side, do not panic or just mug up at last moment. Relax and give good time to your health too.

  • Drop Outs for NEET 2019 or JEE 2019-


The whole 2018 for you has been a long journey of ‘Wait’ and STRESS. Of course the whole year you were inside the pressure of clearing out exams because the drop out was a big tension for you. You succumb few times, you get active the other month and thus the sequence breaks in middle of the year, you start losing hope and trust on your efforts. But this few months for you are your real struggle days, when you are excited to compete and just one exam to deal with your whole future.

2019 start is an alarm clock for you, striking you every day to revise , test yourself, be prepared for your final day – rest 2019 should be a good year , for that the start of 2019 must have a purest routine.



  • 10th appearing Medical and Engineering Aspirants


  You must be relax enough or someway confused about your after boards step. Without wasting your 2 months after boards, continue with your next goal preparation.           If you are medical or engineering aspirant, your preparation must go on and start from this 2019 only. This year should be a step towards your coming future.


Now when we have shattered your category, you are easy to fix how 2019 is going to be for your whole year. Wishing you best for the first months of this year, and rest we know you will decide good for you!!



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