Face The Confusion, Make A Selection And Win The Tension !

Face The Confusion, Make A Selection And Win The Tension !What you are reading is what you are hearing these days and we could say, what your living this time. The world where competition is the way to success and we have overrated the term’ Competition’ , it should be achievement, it should be step or it  shouldn’t  be termed in the way the conflicts are termed. Never ever.

The exams are called Competitive Exams like NEET / JEE Main where you are in the race to be on top but the other side of the coin says, it never says to fight with other scores; it is totally your score, your handwork, your zeal and your caliber.

Keeping aside the competition you face in your day to day life, it must be the competition with your own self, competing to grow more and be better than before and look, you will achieve your dreams.

Well, we are not here to make you confuse, rather stick to this blog for few minutes and give it a read if you are going to sit for your CBSE Board Exams of class 10th or 12th. You are going to enter the world termed as ‘Competition’, you need to handle your aim and other person’s aim as well, yes because you will be judged on your choice, your selection, you will be compared .

Before you step ahead in future, you need to think twice what subject is for you. You can be a science student and fail, and be an art student, and top the exams. It should be your choice, which success you need in life. Subjects are never a part of competition; rather they are part of selection and choice of career. 

Boards or Competition- What is tougher? Competition! Competition! Competition! Let it go, take it easy, your effort is all yours

When you complete your 12th boards, you stuck in mid of choosing college and national entrance exams like NEET / JEE Main, some day you will find someone clear NEET Exam in the appearing year, but you need one year preparation to do so. Let it go, take it easy, your effort is all yours- you can prepare well for a year and get good grades.  Your total mind should be pressure less while preparing for any exams for future. Exams are near, you are totally busy in clearing your CBSE Board Exams, but the tension of after effects is sabotaging you more.

  1. Stay clear about your sense of subjects
  2. Judge yourself according to your caliber
  3. Stop comparing yourself with other students
  4. Listen to advises surely, but work on it weighing every side
  5. Board Exams are not that tough, more are to come in future
  6. Don’t take your Board Exams lightly , but  even try not to ease them off


As Albert Einstein stated once- It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer’’, so here don’t shed your problems, just FACE THE CONFUSION, MAKE A SELECTION AND WIN THE TENSION!

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