Crack IIT-JEE MAINS-Prepare Maths in a few simple steps

 Crack IIT-JEE MAINS-Prepare Maths in a few simple steps

An urge to solving problems is what will lead to your best preparation. It is seen that JEE mathematics is mainly manipulation which makes it different from the Olympiad mathematics. Though one should not compromise over any means of learning using various solving techniques as well as geometry for JEE Main preparation.

Maths is a subject that requires quite more practice than any other subject. Thus, before initiating the other ways through which you can prepare for maths, you must know that the prior thing that you got to do is practice. Do practice problems again and again and that too in a limited time period to test yourself simultaneously as a wise man once said that, Practice makes a man perfect. Do try to solve every question in approx. 3 minutes.

Let us make it clearer to you by pointing out some steps using which you can prepare the best:

1)      When you practice, you must choose the wise way to do it. Precise methods and shortcuts should be prioritized so that you are fast enough and don’t get freaked out while examination.

2)       Good question selection is very crucial. You need to accept that neither you nor anyone else can solve each and every question and thus, studying the extreme cases and finding out the ones that take less time but more marks can provide quite a big help.

3)      Make sure that you are accurate in your solution, as in JEE exams there is negative marking. To cure yourself such silly mistakes, make sure to be sure about whatever you are attempting.

4)      Get a good guide. The guide could be a good book or a good teacher.

5)      New techniques should be learned and kept in mind so as to be amongst the quickest.

6)      Algebra manipulation methods must be practiced skillfully and the new things that you learn in the process must be revised again and again.

7)      For coordinate, you must be sure to find the most precise technique.

8)      Calculus is a scoring chapter. Make sure that your concepts are crystal clear to not miss this opportunity.

9)      Do not forget to remember all the formulas by heart.

10)  Solve the problems of previous years’ IITJEE questions of maths, especially the subjective ones which came in the 1990s and the 2000s as they will lead you to get your concepts clear in-depth.

11)  Avoid books like RS Agarwal, NCERT or RD Sharma, as these books prepare you for the exams that get you stepwise marks unlike JEE, where your final answer is the only source of scoring.

12)  Solve a variety of question, having same concept though, so as to increase your probability of solving every problem that comes your side. 

Following these steps, you will be easily able to do well in your JEEA mains exams.

Charles J. Givens once said, “Success requires first expending ten units of effort to produce one unit of results. Your momentum will then produce ten units of results with each unit of effort.”

Success doesn’t just happen but comes as an outcome of a lot of preparation and opportunity. If you are a JEE Main aspirant,your opportunity is right here. All you need to do is prepare accordingly.

Mathematics is being considered as the most scoring among all the three subjects being asked in the JEE Main 2019 exam as all it is based upon is calculations and formulae. However, there is a prescribed syllabus for JEE Main which is quite vast and almost similar to Class XII syllabus.

With the help of the above JEE Main 2019 preparation tips, it might get easier for you to prepare accordingly.  A good preparation might lead you to have a clear idea of the important topics, must-read books, and much more. A word of caution here would be that all topics are significant for JEE Main.


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