Best NEET Preparation Strategy if you are a Dropper.


     One year or two years?? You tried your best but something left and you are nowhere today. You are just giving up this time, no more grabbing seats in NEET 2019, but are you satisfied with the dream you saw not fulfilling that now?

We aren’t forcing you to drop out this year if you feel you are below average, but when you left few things and the difference in marks was heavy, then taking a lesson and achieving this year cannot be the bad option. You better judge yourself what and where you are lacking and then start it today itself.

It’s not that you didn’t prepare well, you might have scored very good numbers, but the college you are getting is not satisfying you. You can play the next match this year and go beyond the marks you attained this year, why to just settle yourself at the lowest one, grab a seat in AIIMS and cheer up.

 Preparation Pattern for NEET if you are a Dropper.

   Sometimes it is our fault of taking mock tests granted, leaving few topics for revision, not giving our best in the exam and many more ways through which we act wrong. But some strategy builds up for this year can give you a success surely if you follow these positively.

      1. Start studying from today- Even though you are waiting for college seat allotment and wishing to get a college, and the second option you are having is if you could drop and prepare for next year, then we would suggest you to start studying from today. No backup plans, take out your books and start it now.  Give yourself the fresh start, not like you have done this and this topic is already clear, never do that.

      2. Time build up – Yes, certainly this is going to be the basic step you need to take now. Balancing your time for every chapter, your hours of studying, your minutes for a single topic, all that combine and make your routine. You have to make a routine that brings out common weight on every subject and that should be followed. Your routine should be refreshed after the topics you complete.

      3. Method and source selection- Well, this is nothing but the guidelines you are going to choose for yourself this time. The right materials, the right tutorials, and the right test series all combine to make your method of preparation strong and gives you the confidence to face difficult questions and score best than previous. You need to find the right source of support and guidelines to make your strategy stronger.

      4. Revision is your weapon –Needlessly this is never to be thought upon the second time. Revision is the wrap up of all the preparation you have done for the whole year. Even when drop out a year is hitting you, revise to the fullest and give your best in it. When you complete your whole syllabus, start revising it from the same day itself.

      5. Never say ‘no’ to tests- It happens at the end you get bored of giving tests and then you take those to be granted but dear students, that is the biggest mistake you do while your preparation or drop out period. Your test is your main judgment, the marks you score in them are your base, so never ignore the test series, mock tests during preparation.


Cheer up, we know you have the caliber, and you might lack behind during college allocation but next time you are going to choose that yourself. Best Wishes!



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