AIIMS And JIPMER in Line For Better Performance

NEET 2018 has wiped your tensions or gave you more to stretch? Yes, we know not everyone can score above, some may have missed out in the performance during the exam but the concept and revision is still strong. Then, where to bother, you still have chance to prove yourself in JIPMER and AIIMS.

aiims and jipmer preparation

Well yes, you heard it right. You should not depress yourself with bad performance in NEET 2018; you can extend your graph with a good scoring number in the coming exams.

Why, what happened? You are thinking how it can be possible in just these few days left. It is, if your concept is strong. 27 May and 3 rd June can be your life changing days.

This isn’t just for them who are scoring less in NEET but also for them you wish to give much better performance in the next step. NEET 2018 wasn’t the end and you cannot rest now, you should be way more attentive to gear up your performance for the 900 and 300 seats in AIIMS and JIPMER respectively.

aiims and jipmer preparation


Stay here, we are going to make you clearer now.

AIIMS- 60 questions are asked from the three major subjects, Physics, Chemistry and biology. 10 questions from GK and 10 from reasoning with 900 seats

JIPMER- 60 questions in the three subjects each, 10 in English and 10 in reasoning with 200 seats


The serious students are already into preparation we know, but few of these tips are going to shape it positive.

-          Most of the questions are asked from NCERT Books in AIIMS exam, so keep your focus on it

-          60 questions are asked in ASERTION REASON and that is the main section to score for selection, for that students should get through the ncert books in which the lines mention therefore, since, because of, due to and lines like this. As this section includes questions from these lines.

-          The GK section includes the current affairs, important awards, sports, book of the year etc.

-          The analytical reasoning questions are totally based on common sense, so any kind of preparation is not needed for it.


We have charge your practice with some experienced tips, so now keep working on these. All the best!

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