A little too delay can cause you a little too pain.


You plan your things and resolute it every year. With every coming year you have some important things to do and add those in the list of must do things.  Then time fades, and your must do things vanish slowly. Then comes a day when you find a deadline for that, your legs, arms, and brain everything vibrates to fulfill your last moment job.

A little too delay can cause you a little too pain.

What happens then? Did that make you give your best at that moment? Or your body loosens all the confidence and work in stress at last moment?

This isn’t a story of just you, ask your friends; he or she must be doing the same and repeating the same every now and then. And the process of such ignorance goes on.

What is the option after that?

In every human, the perceiving skill towards certain things matters, there your role in tackling any issue plays an important part. Be it your food habits, your daily exercise or even your studies, the way you perceive to those matters is essential.

Coming to your routine and plan that you have built for your aim, you have pen down your routine and you follow it few days, let it be few weeks or months but thus that continues till the day you planned for?

Such is the difference between Urgent and Important.         

The plan you made for yourself was important, you neglect the important things and at the end the urgent need to complete when it comes to your stroke.

 the difference between Urgent and Important.

The same is the plan of your syllabus and preparation for any competitive exam. You can’t mug up and understand things during the urgent period. The time period of keeping the things in the list of important is more demanded. When you ignore your health, i.e. important, you have an urgent act of falling ill with various diseases.  In life, the way you move should balance your preference to your work and important work. Then only, you can maintain your time, plan and even lessen the burden on yourself.

Even for the environment you live in, we were always warned about the importance of nature, but we were continually ignoring and today is the day when it has become the need of the first hour to take care of nature and save it , already the ill effects of that is harming your health and weather.   

Summing up these advises and suggestions, we as a mentor of not just your exams but for life, want the future generation be planned and static towards their plans. You should be more organized and your preference to choose your next act should be based on its importance, continue your actions until that becomes urgent for you. 

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