Dont scare your child during last days of NEET exam 2019

Children are always kid for their parents, no matter how old they become.' That's why they are required to be looked upon even after school in exactly the same way as they are looked upon when they are in school.

Teenage is a very tender time and not understanding this fact might cost a lot, especially to the parents. NEET exams are more closer than ever. At this time, the pressure that the students might be facing is not imaginable.

All the preparation that the students must have done to give the NEET exams might get messed up, if parental support is not given in the most optimistic way. For other help you should know 'How to release stress during exam'.  

Through this particular blog, we aim to help parents of the examinees of how they could also become the way of completing their preparations and become the true source of their success.

Let's point them out together:

Speak Positive around them -

"Don't worry, It is just another exam"

You know what, Sentences like these can really level up your child's preparation. Emotional as well as professional balance is extremely crucial before your child appears for NEET exam 2019. Few kind words could actually reduce the mental pressure that your child is going through.

You can also use sentences like,

“Everything is a once in a lifetime experience”, “Don’t worry about results just do your best”,or “This is not the end of the world just do your best”.

Such phrases also give emotional support to students. They feel more confident and focus more on exam preparation rather thinking about the result.

If your child is studying for 2 hours daily then during exams they can extend this time for 3 to 5 hours.

Don't force them to study

A human body cant adapt changes at once, it takes a bit time. For instance, If your child studies for 2 to 3 hours daily, then his neurons are set to work accordingly. If all of a sudden you will ask your child to increase his study time right before exams then it could really mess his mind up. The direct impact will be upon the results.

Hence, parents should understand that forcing the students unnecessarily will only harm them and their result.

Bribe could help fly marks

Here, bribe for a NEET examinee would be greed of a good future. We can call it motivation who actually gets influenced by it.

Helping them imagine the beautiful and successful life they would live ahead of cracking NEET exam will prove out to be more than enough..

Such types of motivation could really make them work harder.

Take proper care of their health & eating habits

There are certain habits that evolves during the last month of NEET exam like skipping meals, improper sleep, Insomnia due to stress etc. Nowadays, children also rely upon medicines to reduce stress or headache disregarding the fact that it could actually cause harmful effect over their mental as well as physical health.

So, it is very crucial for the parents to keep proper supervision over their child's health.

Parents should keep an eye over the food habits of their child and guide them to take balanced diet and avoid medicines.

Parents should also make sure that their child is taking proper rest, time to time.

But again, parents should not force children to adapt a new food or sleep habits, so that kids can have a free space to adapt their own habits.

Don't party when they are preparing

As a parent, there are certain compromises that you need to make. These little things could really help and encourage your child. Even small compromises counts like, Avoid playing loud music, watching Tv, or keeping any family function.

All these little changes can help your child concentrate. A good environment could actually sort all the disturbance and distraction.

Take Responsibilities

During NEET exams, you shall make sure that there is not a single thing that your child needs to worry about else than their medical examination. From responsibility of all their handy materials in exam hall to picking or dropping them to their exam centre, take it all and leave them just one task, Rock the Papers.

And yes, if you don't forget to motivate them at every chance you get then that could be a Cherry on the cake.


Parents' play the  role of a catalyst for increasing the level of the performance of their child. Hence, through this blog you will know how crucial the presence of a parent could be for the child when it is positive. Along with your consistent support If you want to guide your child more then ask them to go through blogs like How to Concentrate on Studies

We are sure it will guide them right.


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