(Specially Designed for students who are expected to be good rankers in Various Medical Examinations))

Preparation of MEDICAL with focus on Individual subjects

MEDICAL Preparation


focus on Competitive Exams

  • Objective :

    Subject wise classroom study with focus on competitive exams.
  • Course Content :

    Subject wise Classroom, Test Programmes, Challenger Programme, Motivational Seminar, Personal Care.
  • Eligibilty :

    Attempted Medical Entrance Exams (12th Passed)
  • Entrance :

    Based of NEET/AIIMS Score.
  • Duration :

    1 year, 6 days classes,(Physic) Contact Hours 200+ (Chemistry) Contact Hours 150+

Your Steps towards success

  • 1 You take the admission on the Basis of your NEET/AIIMS MARKS.
  • 2 Your classroom starts as soon as you get admission (6 days in a week of 2hrs/Subject)
  • 3 The course has been designed according to your need. You can opt Physics, Chemistry or both.
  • 4 Your Classes and Assessments through periodic tests / AITS continues.
  • 5 Classes finishes in the last of December 2018
  • 6 Your spot test starts in January 2019 for Rapid Fire Revision.
  • 7 Your Daily Practice Paper (DPP) starts in Feb. and continues up to 1st week of April 2018 to provide final touch to your preparation.
  • 8 You go through motivational session and technical seminar to boost and build your confidence and technical knowledge.
  • 9 Your PMTs starts from May 2019.
  • 10 Your Self study supervision and practice session through spot tests and DPP continue in between the gap of Exams.
  • 11 Your results are declared and you become a Medico.
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