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Test Name Test Date Question Paper With Answerkey
AITS Major Test-4th 15-03-2020            Download (Solution)
ASCENT-1st-Test Engineering 16-03-2020 Download
ASCENT-1st-Test Medical 16-03-2020  Download 
DPP-Test-5th 17-03-2020 Download
SPOT Test-9th 19-03-2020             Download (Solution)
DPP-Test-6th 21-03-2020 Download
AITS Major Test-5th 22-03-2020           Download (Solution)
ASCENT-2nd-Test Medical 23-03-2020 Download
ASCENT-2nd-Test Engineering 23-03-2020 Download
DPP-Test-7th 23-03-2020 Download
DPP-Test-08th 25-03-2020 Download
ASCENT Flash Back Test (Subjective) Medical 26-03-2020 Download
ASCENT Flash Back Test (Subjective) Engineering 26-03-2020 Download
Spot Test-10th 26-03-2020             Download (Solution)
ASCENT-3rd-Test Medical 27-03-2020 Download
ASCENT-3rd-Test Engineering 27-03-2020 Download
DPP-Test-9th 27-03-2020 Download
DPP-Test-10th 28-03-2020 Download


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